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I lastly got my hands on a copy in the Ultimate Wizardry Archive so that I could check out a full version of Wizardry Gold. I'm obtaining a challenging time deciding whether or not I must use it or try and play Wiz7 in DOSbox. Here are the tradeoffs:

Wizardry Gold in XP:Pros:- can see automap constantly (yay, it really is now remotely useful)- narrator voice makes the game's mounds of text a lot more interesting- it appears that you can use things out of your swag bag in combat, even in the newest patch :eek:- runs rapidly and smooth for probably the most portion.Cons:- not specifically fond from the graphics, music, and interface changes- some text goes by super-fast (for example NPC speech), so you have to listen for the recorded talking to find out what the text said- had to run in Win9x compatability mode till I got the newest patch to prevent a fatal error message when I start off the program. The patch also fixed an issue with some of the intro films not displaying (regardless of compatability mode settings)- game screen was made for 640x480 and doesn't stretch. On the other hand this could be a good issue because at reduce resolutions than 1024x768 I cannot uncover a great place to put the automap- a few of the voices (e.g. Munks, Savant Guards) are cheesy and don't reflect the spirit of factors IMHO- as opposed to employing the original "movies", which had decent hand-drawn comic book/Super Nintendo style graphics, they decided to recreate them utilizing (by today's standards) primitive 3D graphics.Wiz7 in DOSbox:Pros:- original graphics, music, and interface
Cons:- can only hear game sounds properly in DOSbox employing Computer speaker for output, so they are lower good quality (maybe) and delayed
- difficult to discover a balance amongst smoothness and speed on my PIII-550. I've to run in a tiny window or full-screen, so it really is harder to refer to maps and walkthrus :P
- text-dissolve effects are super-slow in DOSbox.I set Intellipoint to create the middle mouse button act as the Escape key in WIZARD.EXE to ensure that I could abort the speaking along with other different sounds that cause the game to otherwise sieze up inside a most annoying manner till they've finished playing (a leftover function in the DOS version possibly, which had to make use of the entire CPU to crank the digitized sounds out from the speaker or sound card 1 bit at a time)

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