Basic suggestions in playing swtor
Group loot: There is a handy option that will let you loot all of the enemies you've got killed and which can be inside your vicinity. Press Escape, visit Preferences, visit Controls, inside the window with options around the correct check the Location Loot choice. You will loot ALL things now.
Rapidly Travel: If you start off on Hutta keep in mind to click on the quick travel droid station positioned proper outdoors the cantina you start in. It'll allow you to get back to this quest hub quicker later on.To link an item within the chat merely press SHIFT + left mouse click around the item.Once you pick your spec you cannot adjust it.It is possible to respec your talent expertise at any time for swtor credits.At level 25, you can get your initial Speeder (car or mount) for a total price tag of 48000 swtor credits. 40k for the talent and 8k for the vehicle.

Bind Points: You can find bind point terminals scattered all more than every planet. You'll be able to bind to every single one particular. Utilizing your Rapid Travel ability it is possible to travel to any on the terminals you previously bound to, not only the newest 1.
Each factions can speak with each other by way of “/say”. There’s no cross-faction mail or socializing between them (no tells, no trading or grouping).

The only way you will be able to send things to the characters of the opposing faction is through the neutral auction house on Nar Shaddaa, since it is shared by both factions.Once exited, it resets the conversation.
If you want to possess White Lightsaber there's a Planet Boss Ulgo Siegebreaker who drops Advanced White Resistance Crystal.In case your UI freezes it is possible to reset it by pressing CTRL + U twice.It is possible to create new chat tab by proper clicking on any existing tab.You can trigger some bonus quest by attacking monsters on your way.If you're in a dialogue with someone and you lead the conversation in a negative direction and want to repeat the conversation to see how your alternatives impact someone, you can hit ‘esc’ and that exits the conversation. Note: He doesn’t drop the crystal every single time you kill him.

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