Get Diablo 3 Items by Farming Inferno
 The easiest way to get Diablo 3 items for a cheap price is to to bid on items. Finding deals with low bids is very easy and very profitable, even so, with so many players playing the game, finding awesome deals to buy out and flip is not simple since items in Hardcore Mode are only able to be trade with other Hardcore players and won’t be available to softcore mode players. Once you decided the price that you want to sell your specific item at, try to bid on as many Diablo 3 items as possible in your market that have a bid of 50% or less of the price that you want to sell it. You can check to see if a teammate needs an item by Right-Clicking their Icon in the top-left corner of the screen to view what they have equipped. Then you can check to see if the item you have is better by directly comparing stats without having to.

But be noticed, the AH in Hardcore Mode is not available for regular softcore mode players.

Collect: Diablo 3

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